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“Everyone deserves a chance to shine”


Trevonne Stage School are delighted to offer a class for children & young adults with additional needs. As a school we take pride in giving opportunities to share our passion and love for dance.


Classes will be taught by qualified dance teachers that also specialise and work closely with children with special needs (Makaton trained).


Dance is not just a physical activity, it is also a form of creative expression. Some children with special needs have great difficulty expressing themselves or understanding emotions. Dance gives children a chance to break out of their shells and express their emotions in a non-threatening and non-judgemental environment.


What can these classes offer you & your child?

Respite for you to sit back & relax whilst we teach & nurture your child
Optional opportunities to perform on a stage or in a relaxed showcase


Dance can:


Build balance and coordination
Increase muscle strength
Increase muscle endurance
Build flexibility
Encourage team work, build relationships, cooperation and group skills
Develop an awareness of beat, rhythm and movement to music skills
Develop an understanding of musical qualities and the relationship of music to emotion and mood


Are these classes suitable for my child?


We endeavour to offer this to anyone with disabilities ranging from Autism to profound & multiple learning disabilities. Our aim is to individually structure our classes around the pupils attending. So get in touch to see what we can individually offer you and your family.

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